There are too many things to tell when creating a new layer and and an important one is missing....

In my experience with Gimp, I haven't got that many use cases:

- Fill: layer is either transparent, or filled with the background color
- Size: layer is image sized, or the same size as the current layer
- Position (missing in current dialog): layer is at 0,0 (image sized) or overlaps current layer

IMHO: asking for a size in the layer dialog is pointless, because usually you cannot tell the size in pixels in advance (and when you can you also have a position in mind...). In real life you create an image-sized layer and crop it later using its contents as a reference.

If we can skip the dialog then we have shortcuts for instant layer creation, especially for the three most used:

 * image-sized filled with background color
 * image-sized and transparent
 * copy of the active layer, transparent

You can always fill/crop/name the layer afterwards so no functionality is lost.

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