On 2015-12-30 02:23, Elle Stone wrote:
On 12/29/2015 07:08 PM, Ben wrote:
On 12/29/2015 06:41 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
Would it be too much to offer five default themes,
more or less spaced as follows?

1. Very dark ("Dark side of GIMP" / compare to darktable's default theme)
2. Medium dark (compare to RawTherapee's default theme and Krita's
darkest theme, for people who like "dark but not that dark")
3. Middle gray ("Sea of Gray" / compare to Krita's Neutral theme)
4. Medium light ("Light side of GIMP"/ compare to Krita's two lighter
5. Very light (the Lighter theme from bug 759830, or depending on
feedback from people who prefer very light themes, maybe a touch

Elle you can see the original dark theme i had created for myself here
https://github.com/draekko/gimp-cc-themes you'll find it a tad lighter
than what i've submitted for GIMP

Maybe we could have that color scheme in between dark and middle gray?
That would give a bigger range theme tonality for most tastes with whats already there. Tweaking the dark theme to that one could be done quickly
to have an alternative dark theme.

It seems to me that your original dark theme color scheme would make
an excellent "between dark and middle gray" theme.

As I switch themes, each time the toolbox gets one icon narrower, but
this doesn't start happening until I've switched themes several times,
not sure what triggers it.

Does it also happen with the Default & Small themes? I switch themes
(and reload them) a lot during testing and i haven't encountered that?
Could be something specific with icewm & gimp?

Upon further checking, I think this only happens when switching
between any of the new themes and the old Default & Small themes, but
not when switching between the new themes.

I just can't reproduce. Could you make a bug report?
And if you find reproducible steps, please include them.

Not sure if it matters, but some of the themes cause errors to be
printed to the terminal, for example:

config/themes/TheLightSideOfGimp/ui/null.png, borders don't fit within the image
config/themes/TheLightSideOfGimp/gtkrc:1688: Background image options
specified without filename
config/themes/TheLightSideOfGimp/gtkrc:1709: Overlay image options
specified without filename

Could you put down a comment on the corresponding bug reports that Draekko gave in his first email? This way, he won't forget to fix these.
Thanks again! :-)



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