On Friday, October 28, 2011, Kasim Ahmic wrote:
> Hello! I've been using GIMP for some time now and have recently saw how
> much I dislike the GIMP website. So I've recently been working on a
> redesign.
> I have the home page ready here:
> http://seasonoftreason.uphero.com/templates/

I kind of like your design, adds a bit of movement and variety.
I am totally not fond of the "gimp" text/logo at the top left though, it has 
no relationship to the traditional gimp font style. Is it a halloween thing?

Additionally, 2 landscape images (trees and valley) seem to be over 
emphasizing gimp as only a photo manipulation tool.

Anyway, listen to the community, see if you can work with them, if not, go 
ahead and try to build the site as your own, Can never have too many gimp 
sites (well maybe)

see ya
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