On 10/28/2011 06:35 PM, Frank Gore wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 9:25 PM, Josh Simons <j...@moosehill.net> wrote:
>> Just one user's opinion, but I like the proposed design. While it may be 
>> "glossier", the important difference for me is that the content is easier to 
>> read.
> All that's needed for that is dark text on a light background.
And a slightly larger font size would be nice.  The css for the page
fixes it at 10px in the body element.  If you just take that out
everything is more readable.  It's also nicer since readers get their
default, so people with impaired vision (or old eyes), can just bump up
the font size.

Also the max-width, at 60 ems is the default for a few years ago.  It's
too wide for some phones, but even tablets now are 1280 pixels wide, so
you could use the available width better.  Most things are wider than
they are high so it's handy to use the space.

#maincontainer { max-width: 80em; }
#main { max-width: 80em; }
#title { max-width: 80em; } 
#linkbar, #navbar { max-width: 80em; }
div#bottommenu { max-width: 80em; }

Of course you could set max width in body and let everything else
inherit it.   Of course it is not a normally inheritable attribute, and
only newer browsers let you say max-width: inherit, but you can always
say max-width: 100% and it will be the same size as the containing
block.  That way you'd only have to specify it once and if you wanted to
change it, or adapt with a media query, it would be simpler.

body { max-width: 80em;  margin: auto;}  // margin auto is to get it
centered again after setting max-width
#main, #title, #linkbar, #navbar, #bottommenu { max-width: 100%; }

Of course, since they're all block elements they'll take the parent
block size anyway, so you could just take the max-width off of #main,
#title, #linkbar, #navbar, #bottommenu completely.  Wouldn't THAT be
more elegant.

body { max-width: 80em;  margin: auto;}

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different emails so I can't CC: it there.


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