Wacom is a good choice but maybe more important is to find good model
for Your needs.
Think about few things:
1) What are You going to draw - it determines the size
2) Where are You going to use it - size again
3) What operating system do You use -determines particular model

answers for 1 and 2 determines the size. If You are going just to draw
small sketches, some comic etc. small size tablet might be good. When
You are going to use it while editing bigger images things become
really difficult. Tablet becomes "too shaky". While editing bigger
images better use bigger size up to 30 cm wide. It is essential
especially while speed painting or similiar tasks with big resolution.
I use small Bamboo One (Wacom) because of its prize and portability.
Small tablet can easily fit into laptop case with my computer.

3) While using M$ Windows it's no big deal - most tablets are supplied
with drivers that work under XP or Vista. Newer should have drivers
for newer Windows too.
While using GNU/Linux one should check whether this particular model
will work with this particular distribution of GNU. For example my
Bambo One CTF-430 is recognized by Debian Lenny, Debian Squeeze, but i
can't use pressure.
Any attempts to make it work under Fedora failed, same situation with FreeBSD.

Before You buy any device it's good practice to check exactly that
model, You are going to buy. Usually models older then one Year are
better - it's easier to google if they work or don't work with
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