Vincent Ardern schreef op wo 16-11-2011 om 21:26 [+0000]:
> Wacom graphics tablets are considered exceptional for a reason. They are well 
> worth their price and I have had no problem using them in Windows. The 
> pressure sensitivity on the pen models is very good imho.
> As far as I can gather, the new models work with Linux without customisation.
> I doubt there will be any problems with using them in OS X.

I have a Wacom Volito (FT-0405-U) which works out-of-the-box on Linux
(just plugged it in my Debian box and it just works). I suppose it works
on Windows since it was designed for Windows (but I never tested it),
but it doesn't work at all on OSX. Apparently, some cheaper models are
explicitly excluded in Wacom's OSX driver (I'm quite sure it is done
deliberately because in one 'buggy' version it does work), probably
because OSX users should spend more money for one of the more expensive

It is the most basic Wacom tablet, but it works perfectly for me. I use
it to remove dust spots and scratches on scans of black-and-white
negatives (for which ICE doesn't work) in Gimp and CinePaint (if I need
16 bit grayscale). For other tasks, a larger version or more features
can be better of course.

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