I just got started with GIMP2.6 but only after reading (and acting on the 
advice of) the following item in the FAQ list: > FAQ: I'm getting The procedure 
entry point libintl_snprintf could not be located in the dynamic link library 
intl.dll. when I try to run GIMP or use plug-ins. How do I fix it?>>         
Some broken application placed a file named intl.dll to your Windows 
orWindows\System32 directory. Rename it, and GIMP will work fine. On my HP 
under Windows 7-32 it is true that GIMP2.6  was installed only when intl.dll 
was renamed and then it worked fine. However intl.dll in folder 
Windows\System32 was hardly placed there by some broken application. It is used 
by LoginUI.exe, the user interface for the logon screen! When intl.dll is 
restored to recover the use of that interface then GIMP2.6 ceases to function. 
Is there a better and safe way out of that predicament (which IMO should  then 
replace the unwise FAQ reply reproduced above)? Many thanks for any reply or 
for indicating a way to search the archives of this mail list for some answers. 

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