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>> Anyway, I just now went and resarched it and found that the Lumix cameras
>> produce their raw images into something called .RW2 files.
>Might be worth checking if it can also generate .DNG files. All of my
>Pentax cameras from the last 3 years (K-7, K-x, K-5) have the option
>of creating either Pentax-specific RAW files (.PEF) or .DNG RAW files.
>The .DNGs are pretty standardized and can be processed by most RAW
>processing software regardless of camera-specific support. The only
>issues you'll come across is that sometimes the extra pixels on some
>edges of the frame won't be automatically cropped out if your specific
>camera model isn't supported.

Thank you!

I am researching this now.  So far it doesn't look good, which is to say
that I don't think that the Lumix cameras can produce .DNG files on their

But I also learned that there is a free "DNG Converter" utility available
on the site, an I just downloaded a copy of it, so I'll have it
later on, just in case.

The bad news?  Of course, it is only available for Windoze and Mac. :-(
Oh well.  Better than nothing if I can't get Gimp+DCRaw+UFRaw to work for
any reason.

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