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>* Ronald F. Guilmette <> [12-31-11 16:42]:
>> I've been planning on buying a Lumix DMC-FZ150 next year, when the prices
>> come down some more.  
>> I'd just like to ask if there is going to be any problem in reading those
>> into Gimp and/or getting them converted into something like standard tiff
>> files, preferably on Linux/FreeBSD, rather than say, Windoze.  
>I would guess that when it doubt, the best course of action would be to

Well, yea, I looked at that.  But often, online documentation doesn't
tell the real or complete story, so I thought that I would ask.

Also, dcraw may grok .RW2 files OK, but didn't somebody here just say that
UFRaw (which Gimp also needs to read these kinds of files?) is seriously
behind the curve?

Bottom line:  Has anybody here actually, personally, and successfully used
Gimp+DCRaw+UFRaw to read Lumix raw files?

That's my real question.  (And I'd like to know before I spend about four
hundred bucks on a new Lumix camera.)
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