> Von: Gary Aitken <g...@dreamchaser.org>

> Has anyone gotten the windoze installer version of 2.8.0-rc1 to work 
> properly?  I've been running 2.7.5 for a while but when I tried 
> installing the 2.8 rc1 I'm having problems.  The gimp comes up ok, but 
> when I attempt to load a .jpg file it hangs; as I recall it's spinning 
> its wheels in ufraw-gimp.exe (I forgot to write down the exact name, but 
> I think that's it).

ufraw-gimp.exe is a third-party plug-in to load RAW files. If it has registeres 
itself as a file loader for JPEG files (quite possible) and fails*, then this 
may cause the problem you've mentioned.

You should remove this plug-in from the plug-ins directory and try again.

*The fact the this plug-in ships with its own copy of bzip2.dll has cause 
problems in the past. Re-installing the current, but pretty old version of it 
may fix the problem - or cause additional problem in GIMP.

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