So 2.8 saves the history as well?
Just wondering. On a Mac and still
looking...Course'n, it's a ppc mac so it probably
won't work even when they do offer...

On 5/4/12, <> wrote:
>> It certainly is not intuitive. The operation should be symmetrical: If I
>> open a PNG, save should save a PNG (unless I applied changes which would
>> disappear if saved as a PNG, in which case I'd like a warning).
> And that's the point, GETTING rid of the damn warnings!  For me, every
> single
> time I edit/create a jpeg/png file, this just goes to slow things WAY down.
> One
> dialog for export/ignore/cancel + if this is the first save, an additional
> one
> to set the quality.  The change fixes that by forcing me to be be
> explicit(ie, I want to export).
> Also, one slip of the finger in 2.6(Ignore instead of export) on that damned
> dialog box and low an behold all of my layer work is GONE, PERMANENTLY,
> FOREVER!!!!  Now my nice workflow where I do lots of non destructive
> editing
> is for naught because I hit the wrong damn button.   The goal here is to be
> damn
> sure that this type of silliness does not happen anymore by making you be
> explicit
> in your workflow.  I know dozens of people who have lost tens or even
> hundreds of layers in a second by a mis-key and this change will totally
> prevent
> them from loosing work at the cost of some people having to adapt to change
> and
> spend and extra 2-4 seconds per image.
> Do you really think your few extra seconds are more important than possibly
> hours
> worth of work by people who use the features of GIMP that take it far beyond
> a simple photo editor?   BTW, I am high functioning autism, so I do not
> adapt to
> change well myself, but IMHO, this is a good change mainly because I have
> been
> burned by this exact problem before.
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