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>> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Calm and rational Save/Export workflow report ;)
>> * Richard Gitschlag <> [05-10-12 11:44]:
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>> > (Damn it, why doesn't this mailing list have a proper reply-to address?)
>> It does....
>> --
> Then the real question is why every time I hit Reply, Hotmail prefills my 
> form with the
> individual user's email instead of the mailing list's, and I have to change 
> it every time
> before hitting Send.  GIMP or otherwise, minor impediments like these are 
> quite annoying. is the long answer. 

TL;DR version: the group reply address is already in the email headers,
your email client should give you a function to use that or the author
reply address at your choice – if it doesn't, that's a bug in the
client. Mailing lists that do change headers are providing bug
compatibility (some people think that's a good thing, I guess).

If Hotmail doesn't have a reply-to-group function as well as
reply-to-author, I guess you could hit reply-to-all? Or get a better
email client ;-)

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