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> is the long answer. 
> TL;DR version: the group reply address is already in the email headers,
> your email client should give you a function to use that or the author
> reply address at your choice – if it doesn't, that's a bug in the
> client. Mailing lists that do change headers are providing bug
> compatibility (some people think that's a good thing, I guess).
> If Hotmail doesn't have a reply-to-group function as well as
> reply-to-author, I guess you could hit reply-to-all? Or get a better
> email client ;-)

Hitting "Reply to all" is an acceptable workaround for now, the reply form gets 
prefilled with two addresses (individual user and mailing list), and I don't 
have to keep typing the latter in manually.

-- Stratadrake
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