Alexandre Prokoudine ( wrote:
> > Gimp 2.9 works really well, for the limited things I've tried with it.
> > Except for that one bug, which involves 16-bit tiffs and probably the
> > developers already know about it because they specifically said 2.9
> > doesn't work with 16-bit tiffs. But if they don't know about it, it
> > would be a shame to not catch it sooner rather than later.
> The GEGL based TIFF loader is more like proof of concept. I don't
> think Simon finished porting it.

Yeah, TIFF makes it hard to keep on a task - no fun at all with all
those gazillion of variants...

Anyway. It is perfectly possible that I mis-specify the color format.

Right now I read the image data as R'G'B'A, which according to you then
apparently is false, and I should use RGBA instead.

I am still a bit fuzzy on what format I get from the file formats. I
think I do the same in the PNG plugin, but I am not at all sure, that
this is the correct thing to do - although I believe they specified sRGB
for PNG...

But then Alexandre is right: There still is quite some work to do on
tiff support. High-depths saving has not yet been tackeled at all.


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