On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 8:20 PM, Elle Stone wrote:

> Gimp 2.9 works really well, for the limited things I've tried with it.
> Except for that one bug, which involves 16-bit tiffs and probably the
> developers already know about it because they specifically said 2.9
> doesn't work with 16-bit tiffs. But if they don't know about it, it
> would be a shame to not catch it sooner rather than later.

The GEGL based TIFF loader is more like proof of concept. I don't
think Simon finished porting it.

> But if no-one is interested in having a plain old every day user give
> feedback on how Gimp 2.9 is working, then that means I don't need to
> worry about figuring out how to make bug reports. Either way is fine
> with me.

Well, some things are knowingly broken, many things are knowingly
unfinished. It's best to hang around in the IRC channel, if you really
care about 2.9 a lot.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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