Johannes wrote,

Am 01.07.2012 11:55, schrieb Dave Helgert:
I greatly appreciate the new save/export features of Gimp. It simplifies my 
workflow greatly as I often save/export as both jpg and xcf. I realized the 
benefits of saving to xcf the hard way and now save important steps as hidden 
layers so I can always go back and tweak things. I also export jpgs for 
comparisons along the way and now it's all easier.

Yes, it's great for heavy-weight(!) workflows (i.e. "often
saving/exporting as both jpg and xcf", "exporting jpgs for comparisons
along the way", requirement of the possibility to "always go back and
tweak things").

But it is annoying for straightforward light-weight(!) workflows: Open a
JPEG, manipulate it, save it.


I'm a light-weight user (Windows). The most common process I do is:

Drag a BMP image into GIMP.
Crop using fixed aspect ratio - very handy for my purposes.
Scale image.
File|Overwrite <filename>
Exit (close without saving).

I'm not negating the fact that others don't like the new process, but this is easy for me, and a simple change from the previous process.

So just another "thanks to the developers"!

Bob Long

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