On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

>> ...the discussion that isn't supposed to be happening anyway, given the
>> already explained status quo, which is: we will neither revert, nor make
>> it optional".
> The "not make it an option" part is the part I just don't get.
> Don't bother explaining, I just ... don't ... "get" it.  (Or maybe I do and
> just fundamentally disagree.)

Pardon? The point of the mailing list is that people exchange opinions
and ask questions to be answered. If people start saying things like
"Here is my opinion and I don't want to hear no explanations", won't
it be more like a guestbook or a shoutbox?

Fundamentally disagreeing is perfectly OK. As a user, you don't have
to know about all the technical complications that come with behaviour
options. Albeit you might have an idea about UX complications. The fun
part is that it's already has been explained in a similar thread over
at gimp-developer@.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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