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> In my
humble opinion, the "quid" of the question regarding the new save /
export policy, relies on the fact that the new behaviour reflects a
change in the intended audience for the project: the old "load JPEG +
edit + save JPEG" serves perfectly to a casual user, who just needs a
very basic image editor; while the new "import JPEG + edit + save XCF +
export JPEG" matches the flow of a power user, who uses GIMP to the full
of its capabilities.
> What all that people who complain does not
seem to understand is that GIMP can no longer accommodate the needs of
casual users without compromising the needs of power users, and those
power users are the intended userbase for the project. Yes, some simple
tasks are harder now, but complex tasks are easier, and GIMP was made to
deal with complex tasks. Perhaps that people needs to be very politely
told: "Sorry, but GIMP is no longer for you; please, use something
> Just my two cents.

Agreed. Add to this that GIMP has
been implementing things like cmyk support, color profiles and
management. To the next version there will be 16bit and high precision
support. The future points to GIMP being used for high end as well as
jpg editing. Looking forward to it! 
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