Am 05.07.2012 12:23, schrieb eduperez:
[...] the old "load JPEG + edit + save JPEG" serves perfectly to a casual user, 
who just needs a very basic image editor[...]

Disagreed. The length and the shape of the workflow doesn't tell anything about the features of GIMP being used. You can use the most sophisticated functions of GIMP and nevertheless prefer a slim workflow with JPEG as the single output format.

[...]is that GIMP can no longer accommodate the needs of casual users without 
compromising the needs of power users, and those power users are the intended 
userbase for the project.[...]

Disagreed. This has been stated but not been proven. You can make a "save as JPEG and quit without being asked afterwards" feature optional without any side effect and without too much effort.

BTW: My favorite argument against such an option (besides "use another software!" and "no") is "everything convincing has been said elsewhere".


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