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On 8/7/2012 2:23 AM, Anoko wrote:
2012/8/6 Anoko<for...@gimpusers.com>:

I've seen the new "you have to use export" messagebox about 20 times now, very 
annoying ;-). Why is it not OK to allow saving to e.g. png (especially when not using 
layers!), but keep the export function ALSO as it is? That way, everyone will be happy I 

Is it soooooooooo difficult to change one's habits a little, and to
learn simple shortcuts? Ctrl-E or Shift-Ctrl-E to export the image to
any format you wish, Ctrl-W Alt-W to close the image without saving
it. Seeing a warning message 20 times was clearly enough for teaching
me that I should use Ctrl-E instead of Ctrl-S.

Well habbits or not, I still wonder why it is explicitly disallowed to save as 
something other than xcf. As I said, allowing that+keeping the export option 
makes all users happy. Now, a way that apparently some part of the users like 
and some don't is forced to all, while it is not necessary to force it.

GIMP is not the only program I use, so yeah I keep pressing CTRL+S thinking that should 
save whatever I'm editting to whatever file extension I gave it, just like in Inkscape, 
Libreoffice, KDevelop, etc. To me, "exporting" to a png does not feel like 
exporting at all. If the original image is something bitmappy without layers, there is no 
loss, and I use GIMP mostly for that. If it did have layers, GIMP would already warn. I 
don't use GIMP often enough to get used to learn the fact that it's the only program I 
have where CTRL+S does not save, but rather wants me to make a temporary projectfile.

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