* Anoko <for...@gimpusers.com> [08-07-12 05:25]:
> >2012/8/6 Anoko <for...@gimpusers.com>:
> >> I've seen the new "you have to use export" messagebox about 20 times
> >> now, very annoying ;-).  Why is it not OK to allow saving to e.g. 
> >> png (especially when not using layers!), but keep the export function
> >> ALSO as it is?  That way, everyone will be happy I think?
> >Is it soooooooooo difficult to change one's habits a little, and to
> >learn simple shortcuts? Ctrl-E or Shift-Ctrl-E to export the image to
> >any format you wish, Ctrl-W Alt-W to close the image without saving
> >it. Seeing a warning message 20 times was clearly enough for teaching
> >me that I should use Ctrl-E instead of Ctrl-S.
> Well habbits or not, I still wonder why it is explicitly disallowed to
> save as something other than xcf.  As I said, allowing that+keeping the
> export option makes all users happy.  Now, a way that apparently some
> part of the users like and some don't is forced to all, while it is not
> necessary to force it.

You are "hung up* on a single word, "save" vs "export".   Change your key
bindings to match what *you* want.

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