2012/8/6 Anoko <for...@gimpusers.com>:
> I just want to add I'm also not happy with the new export vs save feature. I 
> use GIMP for all my edit tasks; from complex foto editting to really simple 
> screenshot taking and trimming it slightly. I used to love it for both, 
> especially since it GIMP can do both small and complex tasks very easy. In 
> 98% of the edits, I'm not using layers. I already almost always save 
> everything in formats that do not lose information, often png, often for e.g. 
> mailing. I don't want a xcf for screen shots or photographs...
> I've seen the new "you have to use export" messagebox about 20 times now, 
> very annoying ;-). Why is it not OK to allow saving to e.g. png (especially 
> when not using layers!), but keep the export function ALSO as it is? That 
> way, everyone will be happy I think?

Is it soooooooooo difficult to change one's habits a little, and to
learn simple shortcuts? Ctrl-E or Shift-Ctrl-E to export the image to
any format you wish, Ctrl-W Alt-W to close the image without saving
it. Seeing a warning message 20 times was clearly enough for teaching
me that I should use Ctrl-E instead of Ctrl-S.
Olivier Lecarme
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