On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 8:57 PM, Simon Budig wrote:

> (although I don't understand the "vocation" word there).


> I was referring
> to the insinuation that we - as the developers - are just amateurs not
> dealing with reality and hence do things the wrong way.
> Yes, I do take offense in that.

There is no need to take offense. In my experience, people who feel
betrayed cannot be reasoned.

See, it doesn't matter that we interviewed and keep interviewing professionals.

It doesn't matter that we heard professionals liking that change or
even failing to understand how anyone could possibly not like it.

We just did something some people don't like. Therefore for them the
rest doesn't matter and probably doesn't even exist. Hence all the
talks about reaility.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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