Simon Budig <> writes:

> Ken Warner ( wrote:
>> On 9/10/2012 9:32 AM, Simon Budig wrote:
>> >maderios ( wrote:
>> >>Because you're not dealing with reality. This is the problem of
>> >>amateurs who create software professional vocation.
>> >
>> >See? This is what I was referring to.
>> Just because the English doesn't meet your standards doesn't mean the
>> viewpoint is invalid.  And maybe your refusal to see the thought in
>> the message is the root of the discord.
> Sorry for being too terse. But I was not referring to the language
> (although I don't understand the "vocation" word there). I was referring
> to the insinuation that we - as the developers - are just amateurs not
> dealing with reality and hence do things the wrong way.
> Yes, I do take offense in that.
> Bye,
>         Simon

I wish it were possible to get a spam filter for vicious ad hominem
attacks, false sense of entitlement, and the flogging of dead horses …
Does the mailing list software at least have some way of "closing"
threads, perhaps with some standard reply? Perhaps they could be
referred to alt.troll.gimp or something.


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