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> On Sat, 2012-09-15 at 23:12 +0200, Ofnuts wrote:
> > [...] saving as XCF 
> > "by accident" may make you lose some time, but will never make you lose 
> > data, because you can always save the JPG again from the XCF.
> This isn't always true.
> For example, after working on a photograph I scale it down e.g. to 600
> pixels across, and export a jpeg. If at that point I save the xcf file,
> I will lose data, because xcf does not store the undo history.
> Yes, I could use ImageMagick to scale the image, but (1) I do want to
> see the jpeg preview, as it often needs some extra work in curves or
> sharpen, and (2) I'm already in gimp :)
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That is unfortunately true, GIMP has no ability to automatically scale-down the 
image to a different size as part of the export process.  When you hit Save 
GIMP records everything necessary to recreate the image as it was when you hit 
Save, whether it is the preferred way of storing your overall project file or 
not.  The XCF is not a full version repository logging everything that happened 
to the image since its creation - I imagine that should be the role of an XCF 
subformat so that the user has per-file control over whether or not they need 
that extra information taking up extra hard drive space.

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