> And while we're talking about 'basic' facts, what I was commenting on
> was the
> 'basic'  fact that while users on other platforms have access to GIMP
> 2.8
> binaries, Ubuntu users (particularly 11.10) do not. Why?

It's kind of how the system works, you have the latest distro, you
have have the latest gimps etc

And the reason for this is that gimp (and other programs) use
supporting libraries, these libraries keep changing and unless your
distro keeps those libraries up to date, you aint gonna get the latest
gimp etc.

So the answer is that if you want the latest and greatest on an
ancient distro, you have to build it yourself. You have to build the
latest support libraries like GTK2 and all its dependencies. It is
good occupational therapy and keeps you off the streets.

Generally though with terabyte hard drives, its easier to just assign
another partition to another distro. Half an hour and you are up and
running. Too easy

And lastly, it's not a gimp problem, it's a distro/packaging problem.
Complain to them.


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