I didn't have any issues, other than having to uninstall as mentioned above.

Maybe I had something else installed that didn't require me to have what you had

The only issue's I'm finding thus far, is the speed at which GIMP is running,
rather slowly, and take a full 30 seconds to updated 5400+px wide image (I
forget the vertical res). Mind you, this is the size of the RAW image converted
to 16-bit tiff of my Camera.

I'm currently looking if there's any debugging, or other stuff that can be
turned off, and recompiled, to speed things up. I'm running it on Debian
GNU/Linux (Sid) on an AMD6Core 3.4GHZ, 16GB RAM, 3GB nVidia 580GTX, and SSD HD.
I'd be open to suggestions to get GIMP working faster.

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