On 27.01.2013 03:02, studiojunkyard wrote:
I recently compiled v2.9.1 GIMP on Debian (Wheezy/Sid), this is for Debian
itself, not modified Debian Distro's (such as Ubuntu), though the instructions
may work, I'm not responsible for breaking your system:

apt-get build-dep gimp

Will pull in all required libraries to build your distros gimp packages. Removing babl and gegl is optional, but probably necessary in your case because:

make install

This will install to /usr/local, and can lead to conflicts with the libraries and gimp installed by your package management. You should pass a --prefix parameter to ./autogen.sh

Have a look at http://www.gimp.org/source/howtos/gimp-git-build.html for a different approach.

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