On 01.02.13 at 8:26 PM Steve Kinney wrote:
On 02/01/2013 01:18 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:

sizes varying between about 5 and 50 pixels, with relatively high precision.
The new dialog devotes the left 5% of the slider to this range.
To set the brush size precisely you can also click the number in the
slider three times and then enter a numeric value.

In re adjusting brush diameter, I map the unassigned Alt+Scroll
(mouse wheel) combination to "Brush size increase" and "Brush size
decrease".  Adjusting brush size on the fly without leaving the
canvas is a wonderful thing.  Picture worth thousand words:

[...] With these brush siza and harness accelerators
set, and the Paintbrush tool options dock open, I find that I rarely
have to change brushes in the middle of a task.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I also love adjusting the size on
the fly with the middle mouse button and already wondered if this is
something even more users would find useful if it worked out of the box.
What do you - the users - think?

I have also used this menu to map Ctrl+Alt+Shift plus Scroll
up/down, to increase or decrease brush hardness.  On my installation
I found that the "more" version of this function works better than
the regular one.
This doesn't work on my Mac and Windows machines at all, neither with Pen, Paintbrush nor Airbrush. How exactly did you do this?

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