">> It might >> also be useful to be able to set the max and min values
(max in particular). >> I suspect there are very few people who want a
brush size more than 1000 >> (but hey, I don't design billboards). > > I
used to recompile my own gimp with a larger maximum brush size, > although
I have not often used more than 400 pixels or so. > > Being able to set a
maximum might help with "Fitt's Law" - quicker > selection of the largest
size. "

This would be brilliant! I love the sliders very quick but I am typically
using a brush sizes of 1,2,5,10,20 the sliders are basically useless to me.

Is there a way to set the max of the size slider? (and any other sliders
for that matter)


On 3 February 2013 10:49, scl <scl.gp...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 01.02.13 at 8:26 PM Steve Kinney wrote:
>> On 02/01/2013 01:18 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>>> sizes varying between about 5 and 50 pixels, with relatively high
>>> precision.
>>> The new dialog devotes the left 5% of the slider to this range.
>> To set the brush size precisely you can also click the number in the
> slider three times and then enter a numeric value.
>  In re adjusting brush diameter, I map the unassigned Alt+Scroll
>> (mouse wheel) combination to "Brush size increase" and "Brush size
>> decrease".  Adjusting brush size on the fly without leaving the
>> canvas is a wonderful thing.  Picture worth thousand words:
>> http://pilobilus.net/img/**mouse-scale-brush.jpg<http://pilobilus.net/img/mouse-scale-brush.jpg>
>> [...] With these brush siza and harness accelerators
>> set, and the Paintbrush tool options dock open, I find that I rarely
>> have to change brushes in the middle of a task.
> Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I also love adjusting the size on
> the fly with the middle mouse button and already wondered if this is
> something even more users would find useful if it worked out of the box.
> What do you - the users - think?
>  I have also used this menu to map Ctrl+Alt+Shift plus Scroll
>> up/down, to increase or decrease brush hardness.  On my installation
>> I found that the "more" version of this function works better than
>> the regular one.
> This doesn't work on my Mac and Windows machines at all, neither with Pen,
> Paintbrush nor Airbrush. How exactly did you do this?
> Kind regards,
> Sven
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