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>On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM, Burlen Loring wrote:

>> In the nearly 10 years of using the gimp I can't think of a single time
>> where this would be useful. I've never had a problem differentiating
>> between xcf and other formats. That use case is covered quite nicely by
>> "save a copy".

>But it isn't :)


I understand the logic behind this change, I agree it is a change but not
broken, and I can get used to it well as anyone.  But in your responses
over the past year, you have demonstrated a real disregard for the work
flow of a large number of people who have been using GIMP for a very long
time, many of which may never care to use the xcf format.  What I find
so mysterious is not only the willingness, but the apparent disregard
for other viewpoints that the design team has exhibited, by shoving this
change down the throats of so many people who clearly do not like it.  This
I-know-what's-best-for-you", one-size-fits-all attitude is the sort of
approach that is currently tearing the world apart in the political and
social realm, and it really chafes to see it migrate into the technical
world as well.

When a major UI change like this is contemplated, why would it not be
implemented as a configuration switch which can be turned on/off on the
Preferences menu?  In this particular case, a simple switch could reverse
the Save and Export functions.  In the default mode, it would operate just
as GIMP 2.8 does, and with a flick of a preference, Save would save in the
current native format as 2.6 does, while Export could be identical to Save
As -- or, since it is a new feature, it could simply always save in xcf
format without troubling anyone.  Then everyone would have been happy.

Currently, I use GIMP on two platforms.  I'm currently stuck with 2.6 on my
Solaris system and use 2.8 on Linux.  I do use and save in the xcf format,
but I also do a huge amount of one-shot editing of jpeg files.  Because
of this UI change, I have to remember which machine I am on in order to
know what a Save ( Control-S has a LOT of muscle-memory associated with it)
is going to do.  If I had a preference option as described above, I would
probably make 2.8 operate like 2.6 until I was able to use 2.8 everywhere,
and then I would switch over to the new model and enjoy it going forward.
But I don't have that choice.

There has probably been 1000 times more effort expended writing about this
change than would have been spent implementing my suggestion above.  That's
something worth thinking about.

I'm trying to be helpful here, not angry or insulting.  I love GIMP and
I have tremendous appreciation and respect for you and everyone else who
contributes to the ongoing development, and I extend my thanks for all you
do, including responding to irate users like me on this and other forums.
I hope you take these comments in the positive spirit I intend them.

C. Jeffery Small

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