On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 6:49 AM, Daniel Hauck wrote:

>> I have certain doubts that you understand the point of free (as in
>> speech) software. The reason for my doubts is because you keep talking
>> about the character of the giver.
>> The giver/taker dichotomy is, frankly, artificial. GIMP isn't a
>> commercial software project. For one, we don't rely on "the customer
>> is always right" rule. If you judge us, we are allowed to judge you
>> back, except it's neither constructive nor fun.
>> Cheers are motivational, but so are technical challenges, and we
>> currently have tons of the latter and a good supply of the former.
>> Eventually all currently existing software will become obsolete, and
>> GIMP is no exception. The sooner it happens, the sooner the team will
>> have more spare time for families, friends, and various hobbies. We'll
>> probably even start giving away free hugs instead of free software.
>> My, my -- what a horrible perspective :)
> The giver/taker dichotomy is not artificial.  It is more than human, in
> fact.  It is quite animal in nature.  As an "aspi" myself, I recognize that
> it is inherently tempting to seek to discard things which are "not
> necessary."  But to suggest that giver-taker relationships are artificial?
> No.  Giver-taker, teacher-learner are animal relationships and one which is
> especially developed among humans.

Either I failed to explain, or you didn't get it. What I meant to say
is that the same person can be both a giver and a taker. You seem to
be attempting to suggest that it isn't so.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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