On 02/17/2013 09:27 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 5:36 AM, Daniel Hauck wrote:

For now, there is no alternative to GiMP.
Krita is a very nice alternative for a number of use cases.

But if one were to appear, can
you imagine what factors might come into play when people decide what to
use?  GiMP doesn't exist entirely because of the developers.  No question
that the developers create, maintain and push it forward -- it couldn't
happen without it.  But the cheering crowds have value as well.  Without
users expressing their needs and wishes, projects get lost and forgotten...
and without the cheering crowd, developers also lose interest.

No one "owes" kindness and consideration to anyone else.  But that doesn't
mean they aren't important.  And it reflects well on the character of the
I have certain doubts that you understand the point of free (as in
speech) software. The reason for my doubts is because you keep talking
about the character of the giver.

The giver/taker dichotomy is, frankly, artificial. GIMP isn't a
commercial software project. For one, we don't rely on "the customer
is always right" rule. If you judge us, we are allowed to judge you
back, except it's neither constructive nor fun.

Cheers are motivational, but so are technical challenges, and we
currently have tons of the latter and a good supply of the former.

Eventually all currently existing software will become obsolete, and
GIMP is no exception. The sooner it happens, the sooner the team will
have more spare time for families, friends, and various hobbies. We'll
probably even start giving away free hugs instead of free software.
My, my -- what a horrible perspective :)

The giver/taker dichotomy is not artificial. It is more than human, in fact. It is quite animal in nature. As an "aspi" myself, I recognize that it is inherently tempting to seek to discard things which are "not necessary." But to suggest that giver-taker relationships are artificial? No. Giver-taker, teacher-learner are animal relationships and one which is especially developed among humans.

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