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Burlen Loring <blor...@lbl.gov> writes:

I'm sure the author(s) feels that it's the best thing since sliced
bread, however, differentiating between save and export in newer gimp
is a ridiculous waste of time. it's so annoying and in efficient that
I feel the need to chime in against it and strongly hope  this change
will be reversed in a future release.

The GIMP developers have stated that they are not reverting the change.

1) We can suppose developers spend their precious time to code, not to create/edit images 2) Even if developers create images, these developers are amateurs, not professionals: they edit some photos, they do not need to save time like professionals.
3) These developers have created gimp according to their own practice.
4) These developers do not want to see what is happening elsewhere, in the professional world, it is a mistake...
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