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> Or I wasn't clear, I think.  It's not really clean vs. dirty, but
> whether the canvas is new and unused and empty. E.g. try this in a word
> processor: open the program and you get a blank canvas into which you
> can type right away; open a file and it replaces that blank canvas.
> This is actually a separate issue from open/import really.
> Liam

. . . which is also behavior that varies between individual products.  
Comparing the few word processors I have on hand, I get:

MS WordPad: Only allows one window per application instance.  If you want 
multiple windows you have to start it multiple times.  (Not a problem - 
lightweight, shares the system clipboard)

MS Works 4.5: MDI application that displays one child window per file opened, 
and never replaces one window with another.  (Comparable to GIMP)

MS Word 2003: Opens a blank window by default.  If no changes are made to the 
blank document then opening a file will replace it, otherwise it opens in a 
separate window.

MS Works 8: Aside from having a separate task launcher for accessing its WP, 
spreadsheet, etc, it has the same behavior as Word 2003.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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