Is it time to have Import for non-xcf files?

How about
* File->Open filters to *.xcf* by default; attempting to open a non-xcf
file brings up a message, "myfile.jpg is not an XCF file. Would you like
to import it?"
* File->Import behaves as "open as layers" today, unless the image
  is not dirty, in which case the first opened file replaces
  the background layer; Open as Layers is removed.
* File->Maderios behaves as "open" but when you press Ok it uninstalls
GIMP. :-)

The distinction is then that you're editing a gimp-native file, and the
other image files opened and closed, loaded and exported, are like the
shuttles surrounding the mother-ship.

But maybe this belongs on the brainstorm wiki or something.


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