On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 10:34 -0600, Noel Stoutenburg wrote:
> Sorry, madeiros, but when you write
> maderios wrote:
>  > When you edit many kinds of files, jpeg, png, xcf, tiff, gif, etc...,
>  > you can't spend your time to watch and remember which kind of file
>  > you're working on.
> I'm not buying in. Knowing what the final result will be used for is a 
> critical part of the work flow from the beginning, and to a large degree 
> this influences the decision as to the kind of file one is working on. 

If someone is paying me $150 for a high-quality stock image I don't want
to send them a low-quality JPEG by mistake, and if I sent them a GIF
that would be the end of my credibility for that publisher / film
studio / whatever!

If I open an indexed image I need to know whether to change it to RGB to
work on it.

Knowing your tools *is* part of professional workflow.

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