Piotr Rybałtowski <prybaltow...@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm thinking about some new feature which I'd love to see in GIMP but
> can't add it myself. Maybe there's a way to achieve it. And if it's
> wrong place to post such suggestions let me know, this is my first
> mail here.
> To the point. I'd love to be able to create new image from clipboard
> from a command line. There is such function so I guess it wouldn't be
> a problem to add it. Having this one could make a shortcut (e.g. in
> Unity's launcher RMB menu). It's useful when some app (e.g. screenshot
> taking) puts image in clipboard and you want to quickly edit it.
> What do you think?

If you've got GIMP running, just press Ctrl+Shift+V (or Edit→Paste from
clipboard) and it'll create a new image from the current clipboard. You
can probably whip up some script-fu to call that from the command-line
if you prefer.

(Or you can try this python2-script
http://stackoverflow.com/a/12122028/69663 which takes any image in your
clipboard, run it with the "-o" option to open the file straight away.)

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer


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