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> Kevin, I know about pasting when I have it opened. After taking a
> screenshot I'm running GIMP and pressing ctrl+shift+v. I'd be much
> better though if I could be able to run it as a single command so I
> could make even better shortcut.
> Saving clipboard to a file is not for me. I want to have it opened as
> new image.

Well, if you don't mind the file ending up in your /tmp, you could save
the python script as e.g. "save-clipboard-image.py" and make another
script "save-clipboard-image-tmp.sh" that does

    cd /tmp
    /path/to/save-clipboard-image.py -o

You might want to change "xdg-open" to "gimp" in the script in case it
opens in the wrong program.

Then just make a shortcut to "save-clipboard-image-tmp.sh" from
wherever (remember to chmod +x them).

> On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 4:14 PM, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
> <unham...@fsfe.org> wrote:


>     (Or you can try this python2-script
>     http://stackoverflow.com/a/12122028/69663 which takes any image in
>     your
>     clipboard, run it with the "-o" option to open the file straight
>     away.)

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