On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 19:46 +0200, baca wrote:
> I've been using Gimp since 2.6 and had previously used PS CS2
> That version had the option to select a single orw or column (from the 
> 'Select'
> menu).
> I rarely had the need for this, but I'm now working on a project that could 
> use
> that feature, and Gimp  doesn't seem to have it . . . :>(
> Checked out the gimp  plugin site and Googlesearched it, but to no avail.
> Can anybody point me to a solution? - I tried selecting it with the available
> selection tools, but I'm not having any success with a large image.
> If it matters, I'm running 2.8.4 on a Win7-64bit installation.
> Thanks in advance, baca

You can easily make yourself a script that does a rectangle select
on the "extents" of a guide, so the workflow would be: place guide,
run script, remove guide.


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