On 30.04.13 at 8:07 PM Michael Natterer wrote:
You can easily make yourself a script that does a rectangle select
on the "extents" of a guide, so the workflow would be: place guide,
run script, remove guide.
That sounds quite easy and straightforward.
Does it work for you? I tried to do this manually and failed. As soon
as I activated another tool, the selection was destroyed. Then I added
a horizontal or vertical path and made a selection out of it - and that
failed too :-(

That worked for me:
1. Activate quickmask (click the little rectangle in the lower left
corner of the canvas or press Q)
2. Set foreground color to white
3. From the toolbox choose the Pencil tool. As Brush use '1. Pixel' and
set brush size to 1 px.
4. Paint a vertical or horizontal line by clicking its start and end
point while pressing Shift+Strg (on Mac: Shift+Cmd).
5. Deactivate quickmask (like in step 1).

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