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Subject: [Gimp-user] Problem printing in Windows XP (sp3) w/ HP printer.


New to list, but been using GIMP for awhile... got a new printer, an HP Officejet 8600 pro plus. Works nicely (so far) in Linux Debian Squeeze, but do dual boot to Windows XP (sp3)... & been trying to print a 4" x 6" color photo, no matter the settings, I get a "paper mismatch" error. Even called HP support... but while waiting for the tech support person to do some research on this problem... */was/* able to print said image in Ifranview (a free windows graphic program)... I apparently don't have the Windows Paint program... which the tech person wanted me to try).

So apparently there may be a bug in that version (2.8) of GIMP, ported to Windows. I am using GIMP 2.6.10, in Linux, so I do not really know if this is a version particular problem... or just a Windows platform problem... (I've considered updating, building 2.8 on Linux, but looks like one is supposed uninstall the old version, not sure if this is really necessary; I've had problems uninstalling software before in Linux... (/sometimes takes out more than one wants; like the desktop/!), but better safe than sorry; advise welcome).

Thanks much for any help in resolving these problems.


Have you already checked GIMP's paper/document size? (File > Page Setup).

-- Stratadrake
Thanks for reply.

Short answer: I did... Changed the paper size there, & thru printer set-up/s (from within the program, control panel, HP printer set up, etc.). Nothing worked (i.e., got paper mismatch) in GIMP (Windows). To repeat sonmewhat, printed same parameters fine in Ifranview (Windows).

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