On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 7:33 AM, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr wrote:

>>> Everyone works differently. The old way of save/save as worked just fine.
>>> There was NOTHING wrong with it.
>> There was nothing wrong with it _for you_. You cannot forbid other
>> opinions on the matter to exist.
> That is essentially what is happening here, though.

Yes, you seem to be attemtpting to forbid other people to think
differently _here_. That is true.

I'm afraid you don't understand the idea of making decisions. They are
not made to personally harm you. People who make decisions you don't
like don't really have bad feelings for you. They don't disregard your
opinion. They don't ignore you. They just make a decision that makes
sense to them and then take responsibility for it.

I'm not sure how you manage to survive in a modern society without
understanding such basic concepts, but that's a topic I wouldn't
rather not venture to discuss, because it's simply none of my

>> Just a few hours ago I opened half a dozen of existing images (not
>> even made by me), did some color correction and cropping, used Liquid
>> Rescale in a few cases to further improve composition, then added
>> captions, saved XCFs (soo that I can fix things later, which I do) and
>> exported JPGs.
>> You don't have to understand _why_ people do that sort of thing. You
>> only need to accept that people _actually do it_, and it makes sense
>> to them.
> I do accept that people work like that.

That's a progress.

> How many people have already commented, though, that they don't?

Some. I did not count and will not count. That is simply not the point.

Again, the point is to:

1) Analyze the target group's needs. CHECK.
2) Adjust software to their needs. CHECK.
3) Explain the change. CHECK.
4) Tell others you are sorry it doesn't work for them anymore. CHECK.

>> I have one last question to you. You've already heard that nothing's
>> going to change. What are you trying to accomplish by arguing anyway?
> Because I don't think anyone is actually listening, that's why.

In other words, you are sort of muttering into the ears of about 1K
subscribers to this mailing list without asking their permissions for
it, because you think they are deaf anyway. _And_ you attempt to
lecture people about listening to opinions. Well, I hope you are at
least happy with the outcome.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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