On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 6:20 AM, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr wrote:

>>> It's not your job to teach us anything.
>> Oh it is :) No matter how much you personally resist. You might as
>> well tell us to stop producing the user manual -- after all, if we are
>> not allowed to teach you, then let's be consistent about that, eh? :)
> Let me rephrase that: It's not your job to teach us about our workflow.

It is our job to analyze how our target group of users works, then
adjust the software to their needs. After that it is our job to
educate new users about the decisions we made. It's what every other
software vendor in the business does.

Whether you personally accept what we teach or not is an entirely
different topic.

> Everyone works differently. The old way of save/save as worked just fine.
> There was NOTHING wrong with it.

There was nothing wrong with it _for you_. You cannot forbid other
opinions on the matter to exist.

> I'd say from the number of people who keep contributing to these sorts of
> threads asking for the old way of doing things, it's more than 15 unhappy
> people. As for those others, I'm sure if they felt it would change anything,
> more of them would complain.

That's the thing: you are sure, but you don't really know. Discussing
assumptions is a) boring, b) counterproductive.

> else meets my needs. Windows isn't secure or stable enough. MSO sucks in
> comparison to LibreOffice (the only thing I use MSO for is Avery templates
> as they have never worked 100% properly in OO or LO).

There's dedicated software for that, you know. Like Glabels :)

>> The request for a preferences checkbox _is_ understood. And
>> respectfully rejected.
> <snip>
> If it was really understood, I don't think you all (the dev's) would be so
> quick to reject it (respectfully or otherwise).

That's arguing for arguing's sake.

> I really do not see how this new way is so much better EXCEPT when
> working with new images created /in/ The GIMP (which I do from time to
> time).

Just a few hours ago I opened half a dozen of existing images (not
even made by me), did some color correction and cropping, used Liquid
Rescale in a few cases to further improve composition, then added
captions, saved XCFs (soo that I can fix things later, which I do) and
exported JPGs.

You don't have to understand _why_ people do that sort of thing. You
only need to accept that people _actually do it_, and it makes sense
to them.

I have one last question to you. You've already heard that nothing's
going to change. What are you trying to accomplish by arguing anyway?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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