it has now been months that Gimp developers seem to have decided that their "product vision" in Gimp2.8 (debian/unstable) is more relevant than the workflow of their users.

People who use Gimp *a lot* keep clicking "Save as" instead of "Export" because that is what they're used to. Because it is natural.

If you think that it is trivial to make that workflow mistake over and over - then you are a casual Gimp user and can stop reading.

If you use Google and search for "export save gimp" you can witness what happens when marketing takes over the development.

There seems to be this product-vision-apologetics that they can ignore their users because they are not getting paid by them anyway. Old user will just be replaced by new users. Nobody will notice that transition except in the feedback, which isn't monetary but just a few angry posts in the internet.

Since Debian (like all other distributions) will have to (or has to) update to Gimp2.8 in the stable branch I dedicated a chroot jail to Gimp2.6 and will explain here how you can do it yourself.

Creating a chroot jail for a single application is very easy.

# the directory in which the chroot jail will exist
mkdir chroot_gimp2.6
# run debootstrap it will install a minimal debian and gimp2.6
#   this will take a while
debootstrap --variant=minbase --include=gimp squeeze chroot_gimp2.6 ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian
# run gimp from inside the chroot jail
chroot chroot_gimp2.6 gimp

Enjoy Gimp2.6 and the workflow you are used to.

No further updates/changes of your Distribution will take Gimp2.6 workflow away from you.

This will be reposted for your convenience when debian/stable switches to Gimp2.8.

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