So what exactly does this do? Does it lock GIMP 2.6 onto your machine and not 
allow you to upgrade to 2.8, or what?

Sorry, I'm mainly a Windows user :P

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On Jul 27, 2013, at 6:10 PM, Dirk <> wrote:

> Hello,
> it has now been months that Gimp developers seem to have decided that their 
> "product vision" in Gimp2.8 (debian/unstable) is more relevant than the 
> workflow of their users.
> People who use Gimp *a lot* keep clicking "Save as" instead of "Export" 
> because that is what they're used to. Because it is natural.
> If you think that it is trivial to make that workflow mistake over and over - 
> then you are a casual Gimp user and can stop reading.
> If you use Google and search for "export save gimp" you can witness what 
> happens when marketing takes over the development.
> There seems to be this product-vision-apologetics that they can ignore their 
> users because they are not getting paid by them anyway. Old user will just be 
> replaced by new users. Nobody will notice that transition except in the 
> feedback, which isn't monetary but just a few angry posts in the internet.
> Since Debian (like all other distributions) will have to (or has to) update 
> to Gimp2.8 in the stable branch I dedicated a chroot jail to Gimp2.6 and will 
> explain here how you can do it yourself.
> Creating a chroot jail for a single application is very easy.
> # the directory in which the chroot jail will exist
> mkdir chroot_gimp2.6
> # run debootstrap it will install a minimal debian and gimp2.6
> #   this will take a while
> debootstrap --variant=minbase --include=gimp squeeze chroot_gimp2.6 
> # run gimp from inside the chroot jail
> chroot chroot_gimp2.6 gimp
> Enjoy Gimp2.6 and the workflow you are used to.
> No further updates/changes of your Distribution will take Gimp2.6 workflow 
> away from you.
> This will be reposted for your convenience when debian/stable switches to 
> Gimp2.8.
> Dirk
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