On 07/29/13 00:29, Bob Long wrote:
Paul Cartwright wrote,

On 07/28/2013 02:58 PM, Kasim Ahmic wrote:
Anyway, if the save vs. export thing causes such a problem, then people could 
just install a plugin that removes the new functionality and restores the old 
one. That way, your workflow isn't affected and you get all the new features of 

go ahead, make my day, tell me how to add that functionality back..

As posted several times on this list:


Personally, I've never used it.

I did. It added /another/ menu point called "Save-export" or so and acts like "Save" used to do, after the image was exported once.

Needless to say I /still/ clicked on "Save as..." or "Save".

So it really did nothing for me except making the menu a little more confusing.

The whole situation boils down to the lack of character that is necessary for admitting a mistake and reversing this change in the workflow.


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