Hello, I wanted to give my opinion about that subject ; here's my story…

I am a long time user of Gimp, I used to have previous versions than the current
2.8 on my previous old computer (who was running on Windows XP!). I took many
fonts, brushes, special effects, all I can find interesting over the Internet to
have a full and useful Gimp.

I recently bought a new computer (damn, it's so so fast now! *_* ), so I
downloaded the last versions of my usual softwares. So as Gimp, with that 2.8

And… errr… this topic is exactly what I think : I really don't like that
"export" feature, which is totally useless to my eyes.

As I am a bit of a webmaster, I use many browsers to see how my websites look
like in each of them. And when Google Chrome, some years ago, came up, and begin
to get more and more people using it, I knew what was its mean strenght: the URL
bar is the same as the Search bar. It means : 2 differents things can be treated
by only 1 place ; the software is enough clever to "know" what the user want to

And so was a good point with the "Save" function of Gimp : 1 button, and we were
able to save our files as everything we wanted. Xcf, jpeg, png, gif, etc., and
that was awesome. 1 button to do everything.

That's why I think this "Export" function is really pointless, and I'll probably
downgrade to the previous version of Gimp, because it's apparently the only way
to get back what is, to my eyes, a great improvement : 1 button for everything.

Sam_ (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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