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On 12 Oct 2013 19:23, "maderios" <mader...@gmail.com
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 > On 10/11/2013 10:20 PM, Melleus wrote:
 >> P.S.  If you really prefer accidentally loosing your information you can
 >> surely redefine hot keys.
 > Hi
 > This is a false problem. Since last 14 years I've used all versions
of Gimp, I never lost my work. First rule : save it periodically.
 > --
 > Maderios

How is it false when you provide just one example (yourself)? And the
email you replied to gives a presumably true account which shows it has
been a problem for him/her?

I was not clear enough, sorry... Generally speaking, in any job, you must follow certain rules. Regarding editing or creation of images, the first rule is not to wait until the end to save the work. Personally, I save at least every milestone, sometimes every step. I keep several versions of the project, then I can remove them.


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