On 01/04/2014 04:27 PM, Phil wrote:
Hi All

Apologies to all for not starting a new thread, i have been an avid
reader of the emails for a while now, and read most of what people put
here, so sorry Michael & Jay who pointed that out to me..

ill try and answer all questions about whats what etc.

I believe the original pictures, that were taken in 2011, were taken
directly of the camera via USB cable, these were then stored on my
friends computer, and these were corrupted. I didnt notice it much at
first, as she asked me to look at something different (spamware), but
her screen saver, which must have read the pic folder, showed pictures,
that looked to be corrupted, i initially thought that these were to big
for the screen saver to handle, and dismissed them.

She still had the memory card, and the thumbnails, still showed fine on
camera preview screen, so she thought they were safe. But luckly, she is
not an avid photographer, and didnt even wipe the card! After that, i
Borrowed the card, and used photorescue (it saved me once so i was more
than happy to pay for it after my canon 350d corrupted a card that was
not quick enough), and it again found the same pictures corrupted.

So then began my quest for finding information/utilities to undo/correct
the files.

The Card reader is my own, that i ran the software recovery on, so with
the fact that since she has bought a new memory card, and it worked
fine,  i assume its a faulty card? so i took a copy of what she had.

DSC0001.jpg seems to be fine, this is the first card picture on the
card, i dont know if any were taken before, ie new card or new camera,
but i could find out if needed. DSC0002.jpg, that is ooo 75% ok, but
after that, all the remaining 221 pictures are damaged, all only showing
about 5%.

I ran imagemagick "mogrify -strip name-of-file.jpg", that ella
suggested, and it gave me a comment unsupported marker type 0x3a
'dsc0002.jpg' @warning/jpeg.c/jpegerrorhandler/313.

I did try loading into Gimp 2.8.2 on debian 7.2 after the imagemagick
command, and it also said this message (i thought i had tried it on
linux but obviously not), OSX 10.6 running gimp 2.8.3 didnt give the
same error message, and im sure windows 7 running gimp 2.8.6 (from
memory) also didnt give the handler error.

 From what little research that i have done since, the error is quite a
complicated one. Something to do with data strips ending in FF D9 in a
hex editor. The 0001 file has 3 of these, the other 2 that i have tried
only have 1 reference (from searching the file).

Ella's other suggestion for converting from jpg to png, i entered
"convert DSC0002.jpg test.png" and it converted the image, with the
corruption, with no error's reported, also tried dsc0001 and it
converted fine (but the original image was ok).

Im assuming meta data is not transfered to a PNG, ill be honest, i dont
know much about them, as most of my work is saved back out as JPEG's
etc, apart from when exporting from inkscape, which prefers PNG's/Tiffs

Hmm, well, it does sound like file damage rather than just a case of messed up metadata or a version of jpeg that imagemagick can read and other image editors can't. Perhaps someone else can help. I don't know anything at all about recovering damaged image files.

If the thumbs are intact, this page:
tells how to use exiftool to extract the thumbnail as a separate image file. As always, work on a copy of the original.

Good luck!

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